The AGBU YP is a dynamic and growing network of like-minded young leaders between the ages 22 and 40 who serve their local communities and collaborate globally to uphold Armenian heritage. The YP movement began in 1995 with the first group in Los Angeles. Since then, the network has expanded to include chapters and partnerships in North America, South America, Europe, and the Middle East. Today, there are 36 YP groups across the globe, including our two newest in Frankfurt, Germany, and Seoul, South Korea.

On International Women’s Day 2019, the AGBU YP Network made a bold commitment to FOCUS 2019’s fundraising cause with AGBU YP CARES: #Cycle4Women. The global campaign was designed to rally hundreds of riders and their supporters to generate funds for AGBU Women Entrepreneurs (W.E.) and raise awareness about the program aimed at helping the women of Armenia break the cycle of poverty by starting or scaling up a micro-enterprise or home business.

Harnessing the strength and breadth of the next generation of Armenian leaders, 500 riders from 16 cities around the world united behind the effort, raising a total of $50,000—nearly one third of the final tally announced at the FOCUS 2019 Gala in São Paulo, Brazil.

Among the most enthusiastic participants, YP Los Angeles raised $13,000 through its local community networks. “YP Cares is one of the best ways for young professionals to exercise their leadership skills,” said Carin Kellzi, co-chair of YPLA. “Such an effort not only involves teamwork and physical stamina, but also organizing, reaching out to others, and enlisting their support. It’s a great learning experience in how to make a difference globally while acting locally.

”YP groups from all over the world engaged with their cities at large through campaigns that not only generated impressive funds but garnered attention for the W.E. program. Mobilizing media all across Armenia, YP Yerevan worked to communicate how much impact this AGBU program could have throughout the country. “This initiative was an opportunity for YP Yerevan to delve deeper into our resources and utilize our network in Armenia,” explained Haykaz Nahapetyan, YP Yerevan chair. “We know the W.E. program will change the lives of Armenian women and as the community that will see the success of this program on the ground, we wanted to sup-port our fellow YPs in a unique way.”