AGBU YP Yerevan and Repat Armenian Fund co-hosted their first joint event on March 15th at the AGBU Yerevan Center. The artistic team behind My Unfamiliar Fatherland presented their documentary followed by a discussion with the standing room only audience consisting mainly of recent repats from around the world. My Unfamiliar Fatherland told the story of the Great Repatriation of 1945-49, the falsified propaganda of the Soviet Union and the enthusiasm of Armenians, who repatriated from around the world, as well as their ultimate disappointment and despair in the difference between their expectations and the reality of their homeland. The film was produced in Armenia, Lebanon and the United States and is based on true and detailed historical facts. The director Tigran Paskevichyan explained that My Unfamiliar Fatherland is part one of the Back to the Roots Project, which will consist of three films. Filming of part one began in 2011. By 2012 it had already been shown in Armenia and the United States. Part two is currently in post production. The screening was attended by the Screenwriter of the film Tigran Paskevichyan, Director Ara Shirinyan, historian Edward Melkonyan, as well as participants of the documentary: Emilia Ohanyan and Sevada Devejyan, AGBU Central Board Member Vasken Yacoubian, AGBU Interim Director Hovig Eordekian, Executive Director of Repat Armenia Foundation, Vartan Marashlyan. “AGBU, during its history, has always been among the main organizers of the projects aimed at supporting the homeland and repatriation was no exception. Thanks to AGBU’s means, tens of thousands of Armenians repatriated to Armenia in the 1940’s. This film focuses on the Great Repatriation of that period, its positive and negative aspects. And the youth department of our Union decided to organize the screening of this documentary to learn more about the repatriation of that period, as well as to think over the new perspectives of repatriation,” said Hovig Eordekian. After the screening of the film, the audience received an opportunity to express their opinion about the film itself and ask questions to the team behind the film and the organizers of the screening.





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