The scout movement has its unique place among the activities of the Armenian General Benevolent Union (AGBU). The first AGBU scout groups were formed in Lebanon, Syria and Egypt in 1940s. For the first time in 2008, AGBU started a scout movement in Armenia, which enrolled a great number of young people. The scout movement’s goals are to educate a healthy, patriotic and devoted generation and advocate scout principles. Since then, the movement has exponentially expanded.
Initially consisting of only several members, today AGBU Scout Yerevan has over 200 members. They hold weekly meetings at the Arabkir and Nork Children’s Centers, organize events, exhibitions, sightseeing trips and hikes, carry out humanitarian, environmental and social projects and participate in different state holidays and celebrations. They also hold meetings and go on camping trips with “Haik’s Generation”, a scout group from Artsakh. Their annual highlight is the AGBU “Antranik” scout camp in Lori’s Lermontovo village together with scouts from all around the world.

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