The New Educational Strategy “NUR” was officially launched in January 2011 upon the initiative of the Argentinean-Armenian entrepreneur and philanthropist Eduardo Eurnekian, “Fruitful Armenia” Fund and the NKR government, with on the ground support by AGBU. The program aims to provide Artsakh schools with internet and XO computers designed specifically for educational purposes. NUR was conceived following the concept of One Laptop Per Child (OLPC). OLPC is an educational program developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Boston. OLPC develops state of the art laptop computers, which are equipped with advanced educational software for students in developing countries. Training of school teachers is also organized as part of NUR.

As of October 2016, over 8.000 students have already received their personal XO computers creating equal opportunities for everyone and integrating new information and communication technologies into Artsakh’s education system. New Educational strategy (NUR) continues to expand in Artsakh, including 7 more villages in the project: Haterk, Hatse, Oughthasar, Oughtadzor, Vank, Mets Taghlar, Nor Seysulan.

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