In 2008, AGBU began sponsoring the Republican Interschool Chess Championship. This project is the initiative of the Armenian Chess Federation, under the auspices of the Republic of Armenia's Ministry of Education and Science. The aim of the national championship is to promote chess among Armenian students and identify future grandmasters who will maintain Armenia's standing as a chess superpower. Students from all around Armenia compete for a place in the championship competition and winners receive computers and medals. Over the past 7 years AGBU has provided chess boards, chess clocks, projectors, demonstration chess boards and chess literature to over 1,000 schools throughout Armenia. The winning teams and their trainers have received USB sticks, MP3 players, mobile telephones, laptop computers, monetary prizes and medals from AGBU. Every year this tournament brings together over 15,000 participants, aged 7-17, from over 1,000 schools around Armenia. As a result of the growing interest in the game throughout Armenia, since 2012, chess has been included in the secondary school curriculum. AGBU was also among the co-sponsors of the Pan-Armenian Chess Olympiad, which brought together 40 top-ranking Armenian chess players from the Diaspora, Karabakh and Armenia to compete with one another in their homeland.