The Armenian General Benevolent Union, AGBU, has actively operated in Armenia for over two decades, however it was not until recently that the organization purchased land and began construction of a new Center on Melik-Adamian Street, adjacent to the RA Government buildings in the center of Yerevan. The six-story office building, in addition to two underground parking levels, will be built on a land area of 1380 sq.m. with a total area of 6,700 sq.m. The building will offer modern facilities with fully equipped office spaces, and conference and exhibition halls. The new building preserves the architectural heritage of Old Yerevan by delicately blending new, modern and environmentally friendly features with the historical façade of the old building which once stood on a neighboring street.. In addition to serving as the AGBU’s main headquarters in Armenia, the building allows the expansion of AGBU’s existing educational, cultural, humanitarian, and youth programs in the country, provides much needed resources and motivation for the implementation of new projects and creates a new hub for cultural events. Finally, the new building reinforces AGBU’s roots in the soil of our homeland and strengthens the ties between Armenia and the Diaspora.


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