Auth. Hakop Mikayelian, writer, publicist

In a time of rapid scientific progress, untamed disastrous wars, and a world dehumanized by terror and violence, it is gratifying to witness that human values, culture, art, literature and music are not sacrificed.

The beauty and the kind might step back sometimes but the bad and the ugly will never win, as long as the writer and the artist continue creating.

“The Armenian General Benevolent Union (AGBU) has always organized and hosted literary events in the past and continues to do so in the present”, said Hovig Eordekian, AGBU Armenia Deputy Director.

On March 14, AGBU Armenia, in collaboration with the Armenian Writers' Union, hosted a literary event with contemporary Armenian writers, where the authors recited their poetry and fiction pieces. Mr. Abgar Apinyan, Chairman of the Armenian Writers’ Union, talked about the literary life, introduced each writer separately and invited them to take the stage.

The AGBU hall was packed with poetry lovers enjoying and lavishly sharing their praise and excitement for this enriching cultural event.