The ecology is damaged, and wood consumers cause an indirect damage to the environment. As a result, forest zones decrease every year.

???? For saving our environment we decided to make a continuous initiative of planting trees and greenifying our homeland.

"TWINZ Eyewear" invites you to take part in "Greenifying the Homeland" exhibition, where you will get the pleasure of appreciating and enjoying the nature.

During the event you will have an opportunity to get acquainted with very interesting and unique type of trees, which you can buy, as well. The exhibition will also include the display and sale of handcrafted wooden sunglasses by "Twinz" brand as a bright example of Armenian production’s quality.

The evenings will be accompanied by drinks and dessert treats, as well as live music.

The event is planned to be annual, during the spring season. Follow the event to get more information about other surprises.
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