“I swear, upon my honor, to be true to God, my nation and my family”. Taking an oath is an important milestone in the life of every scout. It is one of the most exciting and responsible moments of a scout’s early career. On November 22nd, all the members of the AGBU Yerevan scout movement, from juniors to seniors, gathered at the AGBU Vahe Karapetian Center together with their family members, friends and relatives for a truly memorable scout oath ceremony.

It began with a fire ceremony, with every piece thrown on the pyre adding to the intensity of the flame symbolizing each new scout taking their oath and making the Scout movement stronger and more impressive. AGU Armenia Deputy Director Hovik Eordekian and AGBU Yerevan Scouts’ Chairperson Hermine Duzian delivered congratulatory speeches.

The oath ceremony was moderated by Saro Tatios. Members of the Scout Council were present at the ceremony, which was concluded with a performance by the AGBU Yerevan Scouts’ Marching Band.