One of the most picturesque landscapes in all of Armenia, Lori region’s Lermontovo valley, is home to the AGBU Scout Camp. As well as the annual summer camp, which this year saw over 300 scouts gather from around the world, the Yerevan Scouts visit the camp on a regular basis. The leaders of the scouts and its members held their latest 3 day camp on October 24th. The group arrived at the camp and began to clean up the surrounding are and prepare for the upcoming events. After a short rest, the girls went on to learn how to make new dishes while the boys collected firewood for the evening. Following their morning exercises and breakfast the next day, the group gathered in the events hall and in the afternoon headed by Arman Okjyan, one of the scout leaders, they began to take measurements of the camp in order to make a small scale model of the Antranik camp. Later in the day, Serop Seropian, a member of the Scout council, gave a lecture on IT, all the scouts enjoyed hearing about the latest exciting developments in the field of Information Technology. On the morning of day 3, the group returned to Yerevan to begin preparation for their next gathering at the AGBU Children’s Center.

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