February 26th, was a much anticipated day for the AGBU Yerevan Scout group members. The scouts go hiking quite often, but the trip to the top of mount Hatis, especially after a heavy snowfall, was truly unforgettable. The scouts left the Arabkir Youth Center early in the morning. A traditional flag ceremony took place at the bottom of mount Hatis, after which the scouts started ascending the mount with patriotic songs and scout calls, accompanied by a stray dog, which enthusiastically joined the group. The hiking, not very difficult at first sight, bro-ught a lot of hardships and challenges. The extensive layers of snow, burning rays of sun and cold made the ascending quite difficult and split the group. Not everyone reached the top. But the scouts met all the challenges bravely and overcame all the hardships, and a group of 10 scouts became the heroes of the day making it all the way to the top of Hatis. The return was even more enjoyable. Forgetting all the difficulties, the scouts rushed back. The day will remain forever in the memories of the scouts. They returned with a renewed feeling of self-confidence and ready for new challenges.