VISIT TO MILITARY UNIT - The AGBU Scouts firmly believe that their duty as citizens is to alwaysstand by our soldiers. AGBU Yerevan Scout movement has some similarities with the army by its structure and discipline. From time to time, they organize visits to different military units to meet with the soldiers and express their support. Most recently, on the occasion of International Book Day, AGBU Scouts visited the Nubarashen Military Unit and donated 500 books to the library. Books had been donated by the Scouts, their families and friends. The librarian at the Nubarashen Military Unit said there are a great number of soldiers who desire to read and, despite how tired they are, it is only a matter of providing literature. The Scouts’ donation will most certainly provide interesting reading material for the conscripts. Later, the scouts took time to become better acquainted with the soldiers. They described scouting life and learned about the everyday activities of the soldiers. The soldiers performed a brief concert program. The unit’s brass band performed musical pieces and the scouts joined them by singing along. Our national anthem was followed by the song Getashen. The scouts learned the history of the military unit, visited the unit’s museum, where the weapons and armaments from the Artsakh war are kept with care. In past years, AGBU Yerevan Scouts have visited the Vazgen Sargsyan Military Academy, “Mouratsan” University Hospital and other sites.

VISITING GYUMRI - Charity and lending a helping hand is one concept of the Scouting movement. These concepts are within the Scouts’ oath: Scouts pledge to always help each other and help others in need. In January, Mr. Suren Ohanian, a German-Armenian philanthropist, donated 16 tons of winter clothing and outerwear to Syrian-Armenians who have recently sought shelter in Armenia. In Yerevan, the AGBU Scouts and Brownies played an instrumental role in helping to distribute the clothing. They generously donated their time, and actively and enthusiastically assisted the other volunteers. On March 21, AGBU Scouts visited needy families, single mothers and families with many children in Gyumri and distributed more than 1,000 pieces of clothing for all age groups. Hundreds of families benefited from Mr. Ohanian’s generosity. The Scouts played an important role in distributing the clothing, and, at the same time, learned the importance of helping others in need.


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