The annual Christmas Ball of the AGBU Yerevan Scout group took place on December 1, 2012. This has become a nice tradition and is one of the most expected ones among various scout events. However, this year’s ball was different from the previous ones, as, besides being a very good occasion to sum up the year and congratulate each other, it also pursued another, much more important and noble goal - to use the opportunity and once again lend a helping hand to the Syrian-Armenian community. For the past months, AGBU has been taking every opportunity to help our Syrian-Armenian compatriots overcome the hardships they face. The Christmas Ball was the perfect occasion for the AGBU Yerevan Scouts to bring their contribution to this global mission of the Union. The event was attended by AGBU Council of Trustees member Karnig Yacoubian, AGBU Central Board members Vasken Yacoubian, Yervant Zorian and Aris Atamian, AGBU Armenian Representation Director Arpi Vartanian and Deputy Director Hovig Eordekian, Head of the AGBU Syrian-Armenian Relief Committee Aroush Yesayan, other guests. Very Reverend Fr. Komitas Hovnanian, Director of the AGBU Youth Centers, opened the charitable banquet-ball with a prayer. The newly formed dance-group of the AGBU Yerevan Scout Movement amazed the guests with its premier performance. The evening was full of pleasant moments, beautiful surprises, generous donations, games, singing and dancing. The dram equivalent of $10,000 USD was raised during the evening. The Scouts donated one half of this amount to the Syrian-Armenian Relief Committee to help Syrian-Armenians.


Hiking trips are an inseparable part of scouting activities. December 9 was another adventurous day. The Scouts left the Arabkir Children’s Center early in the morning. This time the destination was the top of Mount Ara (2,577m). Another mountain was added to the previously conquered mountains of Teghenis and Hatis. The traditional flag ceremony took place at the foot of the mountain, after which the scouts began climbing the mountain. The group was not large, but what made the climbing more complicated was the snow layer reaching over one meter. Four hours later, overcoming all obstacles and hardships, the group reached the peak. Nearby villages, Nor Yerznka, Yeghvard and Dzoravan could be seen from the top of Mount Ara. This day will remain in the memories of the scouts forever. They returned with a new feeling of self-confidence and with a clear intention to achieve new heights.


AGBU Yerevan Scout group is always a welcomed guest at different events and celebrations organized in the capital. Winter brought a new series of such events. WinterFest Armenia is the initiative of Deem Communications and has been implemented since 2007. Guided by its slogan,Let’s Add Color to Winter, WinterFest Armenia creates a festive mood for people in Yerevan and the regions. The festival is organized jointly with the Yerevan Municipality. WinterFest 2013 was held at Yerevan’s Liberty Square from December 22 - January 13. The Square was full of colors and the Christmas spirit. Hundreds of children, youth and adults participated in the merry initiatives and competitions of the Festival every day. Among this year’s participants was the AGBU Yerevan Scout group, which added more color to the beautiful events of WinterFest. AGBU Scouts participated in the Winter Parade organized as part of the Festival on December 22. It started from Yerevan City Hall and ended at Liberty Square. Different people and organizations, fairytale clowns and heroes, hundreds of Santa Clauses participated in the Parade.


The official swearing-in ceremony of new members of the AGBU Yerevan Scout movement took place at the AGBU and Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin Arabkir Children’s Center on December 23. This is mandatory for all the young scouts, who have joined the movement recently and demonstrated their skills at different scout events and camping trips. Thirty new scouts became full-fledged members of the AGBU Yerevan Scout Movement that day. They swore to be faithful to God, nation and family, help others and be brave and noble. On that same day, the AGBU Yerevan Scouts had organized their annual Christmas exhibition and sale of handmade crafts. During the weekly meetings at AGBU Children’s Centers, the scouts learn different handicrafts, such as sewing, woodwork, drawing, pottery and present their own handmade works during the traditional annual exhibition-sales. ABGU Scouts, youth center children, parents, friends and other guests participate in the exhibition.


AGBU Yerevan Scout Council regularly organizes interesting and educational events and visits for the younger members of the movement. One such event was the scouts’ visit to the Museum of Children’s Creative Works on November 4. The museum is rich with thousands of handmade items and paintings by children from around the world with a separate exhibit hall for Armenian children’s works. The Museum’s Dream Corner and the Noah’s Ark section were especially interesting for the Scouts. Each scout made a wish at the Dream Corner, which, according to the museum staff, will come true. The visit made an inspiring and unforgettable impression on the scouts.


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