Scout movement has its unique place among the activities of the Armenian General Benevolent Union (AGBU). The first scout groups of AGBU were formed in Lebanon, Syria and Egypt in 1940s. This year, for the first time, AGBU started a scout movement in Armenia, which enrolled great number of youths. The goals of the scout movement are to educate healthy, patriotic and devoted generation, spread scout principles. The flag blessing ceremony of the newly-found scout group took place in June 2008. Since then the movement has been constantly expanding. Together with 300 scouts from all over the world, the members of the AGBU Armenia Scout group also participated in the AGBU scout camping in the Lermontovo village of Lori region. People responsible for the newly-found scout group under the chairmanship of Hermine Duzian, AGBU Diasporan Youth Programs Coordinator in Armenia, started the process of recruitment of young scouts in the Arabkir Children’s Center of Yerevan. Through gatherings and consultations, as well as meetings with the parents of the new scouts, the heads of the new scout group carry on explanatory activities about the humanitarian and diligent essence of the movement, as well as their goal of educating patriotic spirit in the scouts.

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