Thanks to the efforts of “Haik’s Generation” youth organization the first scout camp opened its doors in Artsakh from August 3-10, marking the launch of the new “Hayordiner” scout movement in Artsakh. Starting a scout movement in Nagorno-Karabakh has long been one of the goals of “Haik’s Generation”. Senior scout leader Rubik Sardaryan from Tehran, the five-member delegation of the Armenian General Benevolent Union (AGBU) Armenia scout movement (member of the AGBU scout council Satenik Eloyan, scout leader Gevork Simonian, scouts Sveta Gyozalian and Asia Baghdoyan) had arrived in Shoushi to support “Haik’s Generation” and the newly-established scout movement. Members from the “Miasin” youth movement and the youth wing of the Republican Party of Armenia from Yerevan also participated in the camp.

The participants of the camp were from Stepanakert, Shoushi, Martakert, Shahumian and Kashatagh. Assisted by junior scouts the scout camp was supervised by Aram Harutiunian, who is also the chief scout of the newly-established scout department of “Haik’s Generation”.

“True is the path that leads to Homeland” is the motto of the scout movement of Artsakh. Through different scout games and lectures the AGBU and Tehran scouts tried to pass on their experience and knowledge to the members of the new scout movement of Artsakh. The closing ceremony of the camp was attended by the President of the NKR Bako Sahakyan, Primate of the Artsakh Diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Church Archbishop Parkev Martirossian, writer, publicist and prominent national figure Zori Balayan, NKR Ministers of Education and Culture and Youth Affairs, RA and NKR army representatives, other state officials.

President Bako Sahakyan emphasized the important role of the scout movement in upbringing and education of the new generation. During the closing ceremony speeches were made by Armine Petrosian, President of “Haik’s Generation”, Zori Balayan and chief scout Aram Harutyunian. Archbishop Parkev Martirossian blessed the newly-established “Hayordiner” scout movement of Artsakh.