AGBU YEREVAN SCOUTS’ THREE-DAY CAMPING TRIPS ( AGBU YP Yerevan and AGBU Yerevan Scouts hold a joint tree-planting)

Several times during the year AGBU Yerevan Scout groups hold 3-day camping trips at AGBU’s “Antranik” campsite in the village of Lermontovo in Armenia’s Lori region. These trips provide a good opportunity for the scouts to not only put into practice the knowledge they had gained during their weekly meetings at Arabkir Children’s Center of Yerevan but also to acquire new skills and knowledge. This is why the AGBU Yerevan scouts are always eagerly looking forward to these outings.

This year’s first trip took place on April 15-17th. The group left the Children’s Center early in the morning heading to the AGBU campsite. Shortly after reaching the camp the scouts had their lunch and gathered in the camp hall for their first lecture. The next morning the scouts were joined by the AGBU YP Yerevan team for a joint tree-planting event. Over 100 seedlings, mostly poplars, were planted, which certainly will make the campsite a more attractive and healthy place. Different games and interesting discussions were also organized during the day. Together the two groups visited the river Debed.

The second trip was held on May 7-9th. The scouts left for the camp in high spirits and ready for the challenges for the 3 day trip. Upon arrival each group of scouts began their pre-assigned duties: food preparation, clean up of the surrounding area, construction of the flag pole. A rich and diverse program of activities, including discussions, lectures, games, singing and dancing followed. Despite their exhaustion the scouts did not pass up the opportunity to go on a hike.

They returned to Yerevan on May 9th, where they were met by their parents. After words of farewell and gratitude the scouts left the center with unforgettable memories of the trip and in anticipation of their next Sunday meeting.