June 15 is the Day of National Symbols in Armenia. On this occasion a series of events took place in the capital of Armenia, Yerevan, the biggest of which being the jubilee march that started at 8:00pm from the Opera House, continued through Mashtots and Amirian Streets to the Republic Square and through Nalbandyan to Sayat Nova Street. Central Yerevan was filled with the tri-colors of the Armenian state flag. Thousands of youngsters marched with state flags, coat of arms, T-shirts and hats.

Members of the AGBU Yerevan Scout movement headed by the Scout Council participated in the festive celebrations of the national flag day. The state flag of the Republic of Armenia represents three equal horizontal stripes of different colors, red, blue and orange. The size of the flag is 1x2m. The exact same state flag of the First Armenian Republic (1918-1920) became the state flag of the third Republic of Armenia. As stated in the RA Constitution the three colors of the Armenian flag symbolize: red – Armenian mountains and Armenian people’s struggle for survival, Christian faith, Armenia’s freedom and independence, blue - Armenian people’s strife to live under a peaceful sky, and orange - Armenian people’s talent of creativity and hard working nature.

The RA Laws on flag and coat of arms were adopted on June15, 2006. For the first time June 15 was celebrated as the RA State Flag Day in 2010. The Flag Day celebrations are the initiative of the “Menq” foundation for the preservation of national values in cooperation with the Armenian Youth Foundation. This is an event of pan-national significance. It unites the youth around national symbols, to express their respect and honor the state symbols - attributes of statehood, national identity and dignity. It’s also a unique expression of national accord and pride by the free citizens of our independent state.