AGBU YEREVAN SCOUT MOVEMENT (Edward Der-Kassbarian - new Head of the AGBU Yerevan Scout Movement)

The September 7th meeting of the AGBU Yerevan Scout Council announced the end of the Council’s activities under the chairmanship of Garen Dirarian, who devotedly and dutifully carried out the responsibilities of the AGBU Yerevan Scout Council Head since day 1 of the establishment of the movement. According to the movement’s regulations a new head of the Scout Council is appointed after the completion of the previous one’s term, who forms a new council shortly after the appointment. Hermine Duzian, AGBU Diaspora Youth Programs Coordinator in Armenia, who was also present at the meeting, thanked former head of the council Garen Dirarian for his devotion and tireless efforts. Garen will certainly continue his activities and assistance to the movement. Edward Der-Kassbarian was appointed the new Head of the AGBU Yerevan Scout Council. Our sincere congratulations to Edward and our warm wishes for a successful and fruitful term.


Organization of trips and hikes are a significant part of scout activities and a good opportunity to meet challenges head on and overcome difficulties, as well as learn to help each other. With this purpose AGBU Yerevan Scout movement organized a trip to Teghenis Church on September 11th. With sweet memories and expectations for new and more difficult challenges this 11-hour walking tour will be added to the long list of unforgettable scout trips.


ՀԲԸՄ AGBU Yerevan Scout Council continues its assistance to the “Haik’s Generation” organization’s “Hayordiner” scout movement of Artsakh. A three day seminar “Scout Leader” was organized by the AGBU Yerevan Scout Council on September 23-25, at the AGBU Armenian Representation, which was also attended by the leaders of the NK “Hayordiner” scout movement. Being an established group with tangible experience in the field, as well as believing that skillful and knowledgeable leadership is a guarantee for a well-prepared and organized group, the AGBU Yerevan Scout Movement organized the seminar to hand over their knowledge to their colleagues from Artsakh. Interesting theoretical and practical materials were provided followed by lively discussions and debates. A meeting with the members of the Yerevan Scout Movement was organized at Arabkir Youth Center on the last day of the seminar. The participants thanked the organizers for the seminar and handed them a souvenir of gratitude.


On October 15th, the scouts departed to the AGBU “Antranik” campsite in Lori region of Armenia for a traditional tree planting, which will certainly make the campsite a more attractive and greener place. More than 70 seedlings, mostly poplars, were planted. This was the second tree planting at the campsite this year and will surely become a good tradition.ը:

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