Wednesday, 27 March 2019



 On the occasion of the International Theatre Day, Yerevan members of AGBU-AYA Aleppo Petros Adamyan Theater group invite you to a "Theatrical Images" performance.   

Thursday, 21 March 2019



AGBU Armenia invites you to join us in an exciting journey to discover Vlume: a state-of-the-art digital platform for distributing Armenian literature.

The event will feature a brief presentation by Mardig Tcholakian, the director of TechnoLinguistics, AGBU’s “Bridge for CSOs” project sub-grantee, an Armenia-based Non-profit established in 2015 to focus on publishing Armenian ebooks and audiobooks The organization has worked with some of the best talent to create the largest combined Audiobook and ebook library for both branches of Armenian: eastern and western. The founders of the organization also launched a multi-year investment project to develop VLUME: an advanced mobile reading platform that would make ebooks and audiobooks from all participating publishers available to Armenians globally. Come to learn everything there is to know about this initiative and its ever-growing network.

The presentation will be followed by a panel discussion on current challenges of digitalization in culture in Armenia. The panelists are leading experts in education and publishing.

Thursday, March 21, 18:30
AGBU Armenia Hall (2/2 Melik-Adamyan str.)

Friday, 15 March 2019



A Collective Exhibit

March 15 - 30, 2019
Official opening: March 15, 18:30

The tendency of unrelated organisms to evolve similar characteristics under similar environmental conditions.

Convergence is a collective exhibit that features seventeen young artists working with divergent techniques, styles and subjects. The exhibition illustrates a dialogue where different approaches intersect and merge - sometimes in conflict and other times in harmony. Their common ground is not immediately visible. Besides sharing a generation- and with it, an education at the Yerevan Academy of Fine Arts- today, these working artists share a distinct network. From their studios, to the exhibition halls of the Artists’ Union, to international galleries across Europe and the post-Soviet space, these artists cross paths in different contexts. They have shaped a resourceful community that has learned to thrive in the liminal space between institutions and makeshift platforms, enabling their international exhibition in the face of a lack of infrastructural support.

This shared reality represents both a physical and theoretical context whose conditions have woven a subtle, yet palpable, thread across their works: a tendency toward narrative compositions, bold line, anxious undertones, and a primary color palette that recalls the modernists before them. Their classical training is evident, yet a playfulness and propensity towards experimentation can be seen in the unique choice of materials (collage, synthetic resins, artist prints) and their manipulation into distinct spacial constructs. Convergence reveals a dissonant but harmonious dialogue that sheds light on the individual artists and the collective as a whole.

Exhibited artists:
Arman Habardzumyan
Arman Ohanyan
Guy Ghazanchyan
Hakob Vardanyan
Hayduk Smbatyan
Hayk Ghazaryan
Levon Arakelyan
Lusin Abrahamyan
Lusin Sargsyan
Rafael Manukyan
Romeo Melikyan
Ruben Grigoryan
Sareen Voskian
Silva Mkrtchyan
Taron Manukyan
Vahe Tevosyan
Zhora Gasparyan


Thursday, 07 March 2019


French EmbassyL’égalité entre les femmes et les hommes est une priorité pour le gouvernement français et l’Union arménienne générale de bienfaisance (UGAB). Dans ce cadre, nous avons l’honneur de vous inviter à une conférence sur le thème « Les femmes, les nouvelles technologies et l’entreprenariat», organisée conjointement par l’Ambassade de France et l’UGAB, en partenariat avec l’Université française en Arménie.

Cette conférence, destinée notamment aux jeunes lycéennes de la capitale, sera l’occasion de donner la parole à des femmes au parcours remarquable dans le domaine de l’entreprenariat et des nouvelles technologies qui témoigneront de leurs carrières et de leur perception de l’égalité. Ces exemples permettront d’inspirer les jeunes filles et les inciteront à s’engager avec ambition dans les études supérieures et leur avenir professionnel.

Suivez le lien pour vous inscrire

Le jeudi 7 mars 2019 à 17h00, dans les locaux de l’UGAB à Erevan (2/2 rue Melik-Adamyan)

Wednesday, 06 March 2019


jazz yervandArmenian General Benevolent Union cordially invites you to an evening of jazz music with "Yervand Margaryan Jazz Quartet". On the occasion of the International Women's Day the concert is dedicated to all women.

Please register here for participation.

Yervand Margaryan - trumpet, flugelhorn
Nara Arakelyan - piano
Surik Zakaryan - bass guitar
Narek Khechumyan - drums
special guest:
Jean Vartan - guitar

1. Today is Friday (Komitas)
2. Qyamancha (Sayat Nova)
3. My Tiflis (Y.Margaryan)
4. The Rhythm of our life (Y.Margaryan)
5. Where do you start (J.Mandel)
6. Summer Samba (M.Valles)
7. Bright Night (Komitas)
8. Sunny (B.Hebb)
9. Blue Bossa (K.Dorham)
10. Ay Aylyughs (Komitas)
11. Lorik (Komitas)
12. Oye Co Mo Va (T.Puente)

Wednesday, March 6, at 19:30
AGBU Armenia (2/2 Melik-Adamyan)


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