AGBU Armenia’s Bridge for CSOs project and Artissimo NGO set to renovate and modernize the public library of Martuni

The Armenian General Benevolent Union’s (AGBU) Bridge for CSOs project, which is funded by the European Union, together with Artissimo NGO, today unveiled Luse Taniq to the people of Martuni in Gegharkunik Marz. A renovation and modernization project, Luse Taniq looks to transform the public library of Martuni into a modern centre equipped with computer, audio, creative and leisure rooms that will be accessible to people with disabilities and attract tourists. The project looks to preserve the old, while promoting the new in the interest of raising the cultural awareness of the community.

Benefiting from pro bono consultancy from the AGBU’s Bridge for CSOs project and supported by Martuni City Council, Luse Taniq will help resolve the issue of inactivity of especially vulnerable groups within the community, such as people with disabilities and women.

“In addition to raising the cultural awareness of the people of Martuni and the region as a whole, Luse Taniq will also solve the present issue of integrating people with disabilities into society. What’s more, the project will create new prospects for cooperation between state, private and non-governmental organizations,” said Eka Horstka, founder of Artissimo NGO.

“A restored public library will play a pivotal role in the preservation of art and cultural life in the community,” said Armen Avetisyan, head of community of Martuni. “Thanks to Luse Taniq, the community will enjoy a modern public library that will implement cultural, educational and scientific activities,” added Avetisyan.

On a separate note, for her invaluable contribution to the project, conductor and musicologist Nvard Andreasyan was appointed by the Bridge for CSOs project to serve as Artissimo NGO’s Goodwill Ambassador, who has promised to continue supporting the organization with her professional advice.

“The primary objective of the Bridge for CSOs project is to aid the development of Armenian CSOs enabling them to implement targeted projects. Of particular importance is the involvement of the Diaspora, which is an invaluable resource for Armenia that we are now looking to make sustainable and continuous in its role,” said Tatshat Stepanyan, head of the AGBU Bridge for CSOs project, adding that the enrichment and development of cultural and educational life is imperative today to the harmonious development of communities.