NIMBA social enterprise was established by “Armenian charity runners” team. It aims to support the development of civil society, especially by encouraging its social component. This enterprise has begun the first phase of its activity by the “Expansion of social enterprise” grant launched by the Bridge for CSOs Programme implemented by the AGBU. The objective of the program is to employ women in vulnerable groups. To fulfill this, NIMBA has organized a sewing course for 6 beneficiaries already, providing them with a sewing machine, and is currently in the phase of clarifying the value chain of production.

Online and offline market research has enabled the enterprise team to understand the benefits, challenges and their consistent role in it.

The product is exclusively bedding linen, which will differ by its high quality, bright yellow color and, of course, by its social impact. The linen prepared with care will ensure the consumer's relaxation, and they will promote the social well-being of vulnerable groups by acquiring the NIMBA brand products.

Meanwhile, one of the goals of the program is also to break stereotypes and spread awareness once again that the social enterprise proposes to be guided not by conscience, but with decent work and competitive quality.

The products of the grantee of "Bridge for CSOs" programme will soon be available to the consumer and will occupy its unique place in the relevant market.