We have an excellent occasion to celebrate: "Non-Profit Management” Certificate Programme has been launched!
For the first time in Armenia, the American University of Armenia (AUA) is starting a unique non- profit management professional programme for senior and mid-level managers of non-profit organizations (NGOs). This targeted capacity building opportunity can equip civil society leaders with the skills needed to advance organizational missions and better serve their beneficiaries

The programme is a result of cooperation between AGBU’s EU funded Bridge for CSOs project and AUA Extensions.

Different components of the programme are tailor-made to meet the needs of civil society leaders in the field. It includes theoretical learning as well as practical application of knowledge.

This professional certificate offers thirteen courses; including but not limited to Project Management, Resource Mobilization and Non-profit Financial, Networking between CSOs, Communications, 21st Century Politics, and English for CSOs. AUA has recruited well known and respected professionals to design and deliver the courses.

The first round of classes started on December 4, 2018 with the attendance of Bridge4CSOs sub-grantee organizations representatives. Currently, classes are being organized at AUA’s main campus in Yerevan. However, AUA will soon expand the programme to marzes as well.
This is the pilot phase of the “Non-Profit Management” Programme, after its implementation, the programme will be open for interested applicants.

Follow AUA website for the official announcement of public courses in 2019.