Football fan girls who are the grantees of the "Innovation for social impact" contest launched by the AGBU " Bridge for CSOs" programme, have already registered their first success.

In summer, the "Girls of Armenia Leadership Soccer" organization has organized through the grant two camps in Kapan, in which participated 50 girls from nearby communities and villages. During the three-day camp, the girls not only learned to swiftly catch the ball and to transfer it to the teammate in the right direction, but also took part in "Sport as Social Impact" games. Such games aim to develop participants' critical thinking and leadership skills. Two coaches, who have arrived from the USA, have worked with girls. Ignoring language barrier, they have taught the girls not only to play good football, but also to be a full member of a civil society.

At present, there are girls' football teams in 7 Marzes of Armenia, and another 3 is expected to open soon. By the way, last year, Goris league has taken part in the Football Federation League games and registered success. Camp organizers believe that stereotypes are broken not only within participating girls but within their parents and in the community altogether. If, at the beginning, the trainers preferred to work with boys and train only them, now many of them see and appreciate football only with the participation of girls.

Armenian girls break stereotypes in their villages and communities, support civil society development, and lead the course of the ball in the football field, and boys cheer for girl leaders from the tribunes.