On October 21, 3000 participants from 35 countries participated in Yerevan Marathon, overcoming the distance from 1 to 42,2km. The winners were awarded with monetary rewards.

Ara Khatchadourian, who had left Marseille by “Run for peace” in April of this year and, running for 107 days, reached Yerevan, encouraged and inspired the participants of the marathon. The aim of running from Marseille to Armenia was to call the world to peace, and, already in Yerevan, through the AGBU Bridge for CSOs project, he became the Goodwill Ambassador of Arm Marathon Foundation. The runner considers his duty to come from France to the homeland at the first opportunity and to propagate healthy lifestyle, especially through running. He believes that sport is one of the keys for a strong and healthy civil society.

For an Armenian goldsmith, who moved to Marseille from Lebanon decades ago, sport and all the challenges created through it give the opportunity to live life with all its colors. The work with noble metal was interrupted one day when Ara got an invitation from his friends, went to Lebanon and took part in a marathon race, and from that day a new page started in his life.

Ara runs, because it helps him be healthy in soul, body and mind. The goldsmith-runner has added another adventure to his series of challenges when he decided to meet the sunrise over the clouds and conquer many peaks. The mountaineer singles out for himself Ararat and especially Everest, where he has waved the Armenian flag.

He believes that the body that has been granted to us should be well treated and be sure that a healthy soul resides in a healthy body. He spreads this idea especially among young people and teenagers, hoping that his triumphs, stories and conquered heights will inspire them and will be a source of new achievements for them.