After being born in Spitak, growing up in Moscow and carrying out his activity in San Francisco, Tatul has decided to return to his homeland and to invest his experience acquired through many failures and successes in Armenian IT industry. After undertaking the job of the Goodwill Ambassador of StartUp Armenia Foundation through the AGBU Bridge for CSOs programme, Tatul took part in Sevan StartUp Summit and shared his experience with the participants. 'He also acted as a consultant at social entrepreneurship contest initiated by the AGBU Bridge for CSOs Programme for teams developing social programs, as well as acted as a member of the jury.

And everything started in his life when the 19 years old Tatul and his 16 years old brother left one of Russian companies after working there for two months and decided that their experience acquired during those 60 working days was enough to create their own business and fulfill their dreams. But, before that, it was necessary to solve his younger brother’s, Hrach's problem not to oversleep in the mornings and to get to work and to the university on time. At first, Tatul used cold water or it was the early morning business calls that made him quickly feel quite himself. Then, in order to solve their own problem, the brothers decided to create an application-alarm clock, allowing ringing and waking up the unknown user at the specified time from every corner of the world. At first, the brothers laughed at their idea, and Hrachik continued to oversleep until the moment when the joke of the brothers turned into action.


Later, it turned out that the realization of the funny idea was quite complicated. It took 7 years for the alarm clock they dreamed of to appear in the phone app store with their designed version. Now, with the Wakie application, users not only make a wakeup call to each other, but also an entire international community has been formed here, where people share their problems, find kindred spirits and just look for an interesting interlocutor not to stay alone.

Wakie is now strengthening its position beside competing applications, and Tatul has returned to his homeland. He wants to invest his professional skills in IT industry in the homeland and also to support by it the Armenian civil society.