Gregory Gergerian is an engineer by profession, but his passion is the ordinary dough prepared in the kitchen, which, by the way, according to his words, has an anti-stress effect. One day, the Armenian, born and raised in France, decided to leave his comfortable job in the bank and to go to Bali to spread French bread and sweets. It's been six years since Greg has appeared in Bali and now has already 5 stores.

The successful businessman has decided to return to his origin, and now he carries out his activity in Yerevan and in Artsakh. Together with all this, he tries to support Armenian civil society through his skills and abilities. By the recommendation of the team of AGBU Bridge for CSOs programme, Greg undertook the mission of the Goodwill Ambassador of "Miassine" Foundation. The first collaboration was in Gyumri, in the newly-opened social Bakery of Miassine Foundation, where orphanage children serve apprenticeship and then are employed. "Miassine" tries to spread especially the French bread culture. It is not accidental that the French sweets became a reason for Greg to go to Gyumri, to prepare sweets, to share his knowledge with the hope that in the near future the social bakery of "Miassine" will become one of the coziest places of Gyumri with most delicious bakery products.

Staying true to his years of experience, Greg is sure that every similar new place promises to unite people and give it a new breath. The Goodwill Ambassador of "Miassine" has recorded all his accomplishments, overcoming failures. And now, when there is a chance to stand up again in front of a white paper, he takes a pencil and draws again, instead of leaving it plain.