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Graduates of the American University of Armenia (AUA) have always been distinguished by their high levels of professionalism. Today, many of them hold top-level positions in both the public and private sectors, both in Armenia and abroad. It is gratifying that AUA graduates always try to keep ties with the university and, on different occasions, support the university’s ongoing and future projects and development. In 1993, AUA held its first commencement ceremony. Twenty years later, on July 12, 2013, those first graduates gathered at their alma mater to celebrate their milestone anniversary. Many alumni participated in the festivities, coming from Armenia, its regions and abroad. The Class of 1993 also had a goal - to establish a lasting legacy. These dedicated alumni, now well-established in their careers, were determined to give back to the university that helped and educated them years before. They decided to create a foundation of AUA graduates, with the goal of providing scholarships to needy students of the university. Symbolically, marking their 20th anniversary, they set themselves a goal of collecting 20,000 USD. They exceeded their expectations and almost immediately collected 24,000 USD. Others present, including alumni from later years were encouraged, and through their contributions, raised the total to 35,000 USD in just one evening. “These graduates played a very important role in the life of the university. Being good students they played an important part in the process of founding the university. Today, I would like to congratulate them. Many of them hold high positions today. It is very gratifying to me that they return to Armenia. They seem to be a large family, they are very united. They hope that the money they collected will increase, so that the next generation will be able to study, even if they cannot afford it. They pave a way for future generations,” said Armen Der-Kiureghian, AUA Trustee and Founding Member.