AGBU Armenian Representation had received through UAF flight #142 the donation of the AGBU Scouts of Pasadena, California to the “Houys” orphanage of Gyumri. The eight packages of donation contained clothes, winter hats, gloves and scarves, games and toys, stationery. AGBU Armenian Representation got in touch with the administration of the “Houys” orphanage and found out that they have 76 children aged 4-18. Correspondingly 76 packages of gifts were prepared by the AGBU Armenian Representation office staff for the 76 children in different age groups. The presents were distributed equally to all the children of the orphanage. On June 4, with the help of the AGBU Yerevan office, the AGBU YP Yerevan members organized a trip to Gyumri and distributed the donation of the AGBU Scouts of Pasadena to the children of “Houys” orphanage of Gyumri. Each child received a package of presents corresponding to their age and they were endlessly happy for the gifts. Immediately after receiving their packages, the children opened them, started playing with their toys and games, drawing with their pens and colored pencils, and putting on their clothes. The happy atmosphere reigned all over the orphanage. The donation also contained clothing for 17-18-year-old children, who also received their gifts and were very happy with them. By the way, two 18-year-old girls got married recently and left the orphanage. However, the rest of the youngsters are still there and it was pure pleasure to see them share their excitement with all the others. On their way out of the orphanage AGBY YP Yerevan members met several children who were returning to the orphanage from their classes in a Gyumri college.