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Armenian General Benevolent Union (AGBU) donated 10 units of technical equipment with a total price of 3 million 338 thousand AMD to the Armenian Genocide-Museum, with the help of which the museum employees will be able to digitize not only the known materials about the Armenian Genocide but also the information not fully examined and investigated yet. This was announced yesterday by Hayk Demoyan at the Genocide Museum, who also reminded everyone that AGBU had also helped establish the museum in the first years of independence, 1995. Demoyan mentioned that the museum has various projects that will contribute to the internationalization of the Armenian Genocide. The realization of these projects requires modern computer equipment, printers, and scanners. As Mr. Demoyan said that is a lot of documentation about the Armenian Genocide which should be digitized and placed in their website. “To preserve the written memories of the survivors and digitize their recordings we needed modern equipment”, said Hayk Demoyan. Director of the AGBU Armenian Representation Ashot Ghazarian mentioned, “All those facts that we have should be digitized and I am glad that we could fulfill a mission of this importance with such minimal input”. The Director of the Museum said that every year they are exploring new sources of information about the Armenian Genocide. The new young but prepared director of the museum was surprised that there are so many undiscovered and unexamined sources and information about the Armenian Genocide. He is planning to send the museum employees to Europe, Russia and Middle East and promised to organize a display of al the new materials brought from there. In the coming months the museum is planning to publish a 10-volume monograph, which will include new translations. Demoyan spoke about the Turkish visitors of the museum, “It’s very interesting to see how 20-30-years-old people visit the museum and try to justify themselves, try to run from reality and their history”. Hayk Demoyan is taking good care of the Museum surrounding. The 40th anniversary of the Tsitsernakabert Monument will be celebrated on November 40 with a two-day scientific conference. He also informed the journalists that there is an ancient city in the territory of the museum. “We will do excavations, but what we have already found is very interesting”, said Mr. Demoyan.



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