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From the very first day of its existence the French University of Armenia (UFAR) receives the support of the Foreign Ministry of France. The trade and industry chamber of Lyon and Lyon 3 Jean-Mullen University provide assistance to the university within the frameworks of different programs. Besides, more than 50 professors of the Lyon 3 university give lectures at UFAR. On December 4, an agreement was signed between UFAR and the Armenian General Benevolent Union (AGBU). RA Ambassador to France Serge Smessow, RA Education and Science Minister Levon Mkrtchian, AGBU Armenian Representation Director Ashot Ghazarian, other officials and guests were present at the ceremony of signing the agreement. With this agreement the AGBU donated 20,000 euros to the University to cover the annual tuition fees of 23 best students (2nd, 3rd and 4th year) of the university. “First of all this will bring enthusiasm and excitement to the students to improve their success and bring new qualities to their education. Besides, the UFAR symbolizes the cooperation of the two countries and operates due to the assistance by the Armenian government. The main goal of the French university is to give specialists to the state, who will become representatives of corresponding layers of society. I think this requires work on both sides and I hope our dedication will go on in the future”, said French Ambassador to Armenia Serge Smessow. By the way, for already three years now the AGBU finances the summer intern program of the best students of UFAR in France. Armenian General Benevolent Union was established in 1906 in Cairo, Egypt, by Boghos Nubar pasha and with the support of several Armenian prominent figures. “Assistance will increase year after year and thanks to this cooperation the financing of the students will become a tradition and be a good basis for these students’ summer intern program in France”, said Ashot Ghazarian, AGBU Armenian Representation Director. AGBU’s purpose has always been to unite all the Armenians and contribute to their cultural, economic and intellectual development. Education is one of the most important spheres for AGBU. The Union provides about 12.5 million euros for this field annually.

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