Berge Setrakian 18

To Our Global AGBU Community, 

As families, businesses and nations across the world are confronting the COVID-19 pandemic, AGBU is reminded just how strong we are, as Armenians and as an organization. We are, after all, the very definition of resilient, adjusting to the fast-changing conditions realities dictate and evolving with the major shifts in society, even when thrust upon us with great uncertainty. 

Just as we have overcome other seemingly insurmountable challenges throughout our century-old history, the AGBU spirit and mission will survive this new normal of living, working and interacting with others. 

That means our staff will forge ahead remotely, strictly following the guidance of local health officials and our volunteers will continue to eagerly serve wherever they can, working on the projects and programs they are passionate about and supporting one another every step of the way. 

We are also geared up to stay connected with you through all channels at our disposal and will provide information, activities and resources for your convenience. 

With so much uncertainty, one thing is clear: In unity is strength. Face-to-face or at a distance, we are committed to serving our global community—firm in the belief that we will recover and rebound, together. 

Until then, please stay safe and healthy. 


Berge Setrakian
President of AGBU