4 years ago, Marina Adulyan heard about a newborn that was abandoned by parents in the hospital. After taking care of the child for one year and after carrying out adequate work with the parents, the parents took the child back. This story became a reason for the professor of Greek and Russian languages of the YSU to start social activity and to establish “Bari Mama” Charitable Non-Governmental Organization, the aim of which is to support disabled children of orphanages and mothers who don’t want to give their children to orphanage because of disability. 

During these years, “Bari Mama” has returned 105 children to their families and has approached her dream for 105 times. And her dream is the “Bari Tnak” where all her goals are settled down in several floors. Bari Mama hopes that one day there will be no orphan children, and all the orphanages will close. “Bari Tnak” is for orphanage pupils and for mothers who have remained without a shelter with their children. They may live here, take advantage of different therapies, learn a craft and work. The first contribution was made by Marina's friends, on her birthday. They brought money instead of a gift, and that day about 2000 dollars were collected for "Bari Tnak". 

The money for the first stones was there, the first step was taken, and the most important was still ahead. In a very short period, a number of organizations and individuals joined the kind idea of Bari Mama, and the Bari Tnak became a reality. The first and still the only grant which was received by “Bari Mama” CNGO was provided by the AGBU Bridge for CSOs project, within the framework of the contest “Innovation for social impact”. The 2nd and the 3rd floors of Bari Tnak were built with the grant. And a part of the money will serve to provide for therapies and solve the financial issues of mothers living here; the beneficiaries will also have access to free of charge transport. 

Bari Mama has adopted her variant of the development of civil society, thus gathering around many ideologists, who willy-nilly have their small contribution for the development of a more sustainable civil society.

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