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On May 25, Tumo Center for Creative Technologies expanded its reach and opened in Gyumri. Inaugurated by the President of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan, the center is the result of a partnership between the Armenian General Benevolent Union (AGBU) and the Simonian Educational Foundation. Upon the initiative of President Sargsyan, a telethon to raise funds for the launch of the center was implemented by Shant TV president Arthur Yezekyan last fall. During the opening event, Armenian youth toured the center along with the other guests and became familiar with Tumo's educational program. They also had an opportunity to enroll in the program making them official Tumo members. For many exited young guests, it was an emotional moment. ''This is the realization of our dreams'' said 14-year-old Nareh as she first set foot in Gyumri during the center's opening. Together with over 50 other teenagers, she was part of the Center’s first official visitors. 14-year-old Gevorg has plans to become "a world-shaking musician and DJ" while 13-year-old Angin mused about becoming "President... no, also a French linguist and translator... okay, let just say the President of France." The future possibilities are limitless with the opening of the center bringing hope to the youth of this region. 
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