Currently, four pregnant women’s centers operate in Armenia through the funding of AGBU Hye Geen. Since 2002, the centers have provided consistent high-quality pre- and post-natal care and counseling free of charge to women in Armenia’s most impoverished regions.

On December 5 and 10, AGBU Armenia representatives visited the Talin and Yerevan Pregnant Womens’ Centers to distribute 92 packages of warm baby hats and blankets stitched with love by Betty Cherkezian and her friends from New Jersey. Future moms in both centers were pleasantly surprised by the gifts from the US. They extended their warm words of gratitude to Betty Cherkezian and all the women involved in the preparation of these beautiful baby blankets and hats.

Women visit the Centers twice a week to speak to each other, share their concerns and consult with a doctor and a psychologist. “During my first pregnancy I was more concerned with health issues. Now I am more interested in the process of pregnancy, the development of my baby, issues related to the care and behavior of the baby” , says Hranush Yesayan. 75 of the 92 packages sent from New Jersey were distributed to the Pregnant Women’s Centers, while the other 17 were given to Syrian-Armenian pregnant women in Armenia.