On June 20th AGBU Yerevan staff visited Hye Geen Pregnant Women’s Center in Vanadzor to deliver colourful hats and blankets for new-borns, stitched with love and care by the women of New Jersey, US. The idea belonged to Mrs. Betty Cherkezian, who previously had organized a similar donation to the other two AGBU Hye Geen Centers in the cities of Yeghvart and Talin. It was very exciting to meet 23 young expectant mothers, 13 of whom were about to become mothers for the first time. “Pregnant women receive a wide range of counselling. Topics vary from gynaecology to pre-and post natal care. We always consider the request of women when choosing the topics of our weekly sessions. Most of the time they ask to invite a psychologist,” mentioned Mrs. Melania Mirzoyan, the social worker of the center. “Women like this center, because here they make friends and can get together to discussion common issues”. “If not for this center, we would have to look up answer on the Internet but it’s really not the same”, said Lena Harutunyan, who started attending the Center in March 2015. “It is very hard to filter the information on the Internet, but here you can get the answer to your question”.Founded in the city of Vanadzor in 2006, AGBU Hye Geen Pregnant Women’s Center provides continuous free counselling and support to local pregnant women. From 2006 to today over 835 pregnant women have attended the Center and more than 58 benefited from dental services - an extra service to the disadvantaged pregnant women who attend the Center in Vanadzor.