On April 11, RA Prime Minister Hovik Abrahamian received prominent Diasporan architect and philanthropist Hovsep Sarafian and his wife Nadia Sarafian. Highly appreciative of Mr. Sarafian’s involvement in various programs implemented in Armenian communities worldwide, the Head of the RA Government thanked him for his personal contribution and the work he has done so far. The Prime Minister expressed hope that Mr. Sarafian will continue his efforts towards the preservation of the Armenian identity. Thankful of high appreciation of his activities Hovsep Sarafian assured that he will continue supporting his Homeland through various projects. “It was the dream of our ancestors to have a free and independent homeland and that dream has come true. Now it is in our hands to build the bright and flourishing future for our country. We should pay more attention to our villages and villagers. Without them this country will not live long. We must secure all necessary conditions for them not to leave their land. If we lose the homeland, the Diaspora will be lost in an instant. Hopefully, the next generation will live in better conditions”, said Sarafian. Also present at the meeting were Narek Sargsyan, Republic of Armenia’s Minister of Urban Development, Ashot Kirakosian, Director of Armenia’s Regional Development Fund, and Hovik Eordekian, Interim Director of the AGBU Armenia. Hovsep Sarafian, who is an Honorary Member of AGBU, has for many years supported the Social Investment Fund's construction and renovation projects through AGBU Detroit Chapter. For distinguished contribution to the development of communities in the Republic of Armenia, Hovik Abrahamyan awarded architect Hovsep Sarafian the Prime Minister’s commemorative medal.