AGBU in Armenia

AGBU in Armenia

AGBU First Assistance to Armenia

During the hard famine AGBU, within the frames of his first benevolent projects,

in 1907 imported food and seed to Yerevan as an assistance to the starving Armenians.

AGBU in Soviet Armenia

1923թ According to the order of 1923, signed by As. Mravyan and Ar. Yerznkyan AGBU became the only benevolent organization allowed to function in the Soviet Armeniaduring the next 14 years.

1920s. Agricultural machines, seed and other assistance to the Soviet Armenia

1926 . Assistance to the reconstruction of Shirak region earthquake zone.

1937 Opening of the Matenadaran library and publishing house constructed by AGBU.

Since 1930 Assistance to the Yerevan State University in printing important scientific publications and providing with the necessary newest equipments.

1936. Building of the Home of Armenian Intelligentsia in Yerevan.

1923-36s Approximately 17,000 Armenian migrants return to motherland from Greece, Turkey, Lebanon, Israel, France, Bulgaria and other countries.

1924 Displacement of 250 orphans of AGBU orphanages to Armenia.

1929 Establishment of Mary Noubar Eye Clinic

1929 Establishment of "Darouhi Hakobian" Pregnant Center

1925 Establishment of New Yedovkia village for the resettlement of immigrants.

1937 1 million US dollars fundraising and the establishment of Nubarashen settlement, where 1000 immigrants inhabited.

1944 105,000 US dollar medicines and clothing to Armenia.

1946 51,060 Armenians' repatriation to Armenia from Iran, Lebanon, Syria, Bulgaria, Greece and Romania in virtue of 1,073,810 USD dollars raised by AGBU for that purpose.

1944-48s In general, for the purpose of assisting the immigration and helping postwar Armenia, AGBU fundraised approximately 2, 300,000 US dollars.

1950-88s AGBU assistnace to Armenia through church

1983թ. Opening of Alex Manoogian treasury house in Holy See of St. Etchmiadzin


1988s Earthquake of 1988

  1. Just three days after the earthquake AGBU imports medicine, clothes, food and other necessary things to Armenia.
  2. People who suffered from the earthquake undergo medical treatment in USA.
  3. Foreign doctors and specialists arrive in Armenia to bring medical assistance to the survivors here.
  4. 10 million USD raised by AGBU philanthropists to help Armenian people.
  5. 1989-1992 - Construction of food storage in Gyumri.
  6. 1991 – Establishment of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Center in Yerevan.


Third Republic of Armenia

AGBU was side by side with Armenia at the fatal moment of creation of the third republic and during further hard years.

1. AGBU Centers

2. Cultural projects

3. Educational projects

4. Healthcare projects

5. Cooperation with the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin

6. Humanitarian projects

7. Projects in NKR

8. Youth Projects

9. AGBU Internship Program

10. Special Donations since 1991

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