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The AGBU Young Professionals (YP)  are a growing network of YP groups and supporters from around the world who promote the Armenian identity and heritage for young Armenians between the ages of 22 to 40.

Inspiring YPs to get involved and stay involved through an open-door policy, the network has acquired an international reputation for fostering a sense of community and belonging.

The AGBU Young Professionals are the largest Armenian YP network of its kind today.

Making a difference for 15 years, the YP movement began in 1995 with the first group in Los Angeles.

Since then, the network has expanded to include groups in Northern California, Greater New York, Orange County, Lebanon, Philadelphia, Paris, Plovdiv, SofiaBoston, Toronto, London, Yerevan, Austria, BrazilWashington DCBuenos Aires, Montréal, Hamburg, United Arab Emirates, Marseille,and Chicago with partnerships with organizations SIVAM in Moscow and HAIK in Frankfurt.

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On December 7, the Armenian Representation of the Armenian General Benevolent Union (AGBU) held a meeting of Armenian youngsters, the goal of which was the establishment of AGBU Yerevan Young Professionals (YP) team. Developing the AGBU mission of preserving and promoting the Armenian identity and heritage, AGBU Young Professionals is a global network of dedicated and ambitious AGBU volunteers who design educational, professional, cultural and social activities contributing to the active lifestyle of today’s Armenian YPs. AGBU YP groups worldwide share a common goal of adding dimensions to the lives of Armenian YPs by offering new spheres and events that will contribute to networking accomplished Armenians from all over the world, and realizing programs aimed at preservation of Armenian identity more efficiently. Armenian youngsters aged 25-40 having higher education and different professions were present at the Yerevan meeting. Part of them were Armenians from Diaspora who live in Armenia currently. Yerevan YP team will assist the AGBU projects in Armenia and Artsakh organizing fundraisings and social activities. They will also help realize the AGBU summer intern program, which envisages arrival and professional training of Armenian students from all over the world to Armenia in summer 2007. The team will also bring its contribution to the organization of the AGBU 100th anniversary events scheduled for April, 2007 in Yerevan. Very soon AGBU Yerevan YPs will have their steering committee formulated and the second meeting of the group to discuss future activities and plans will take place until the end of this year.

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