On March 03, 2007 at the AUA Club Restaurant the AGBU YP Yerevan kick-off party took place. The party had 100 participants and 20 sponsor guests. The event was a real success as far as it gathered together a huge amount of young people who eager to be helpful to their country and also to do it with fun. After this event the AGBU YP Yerevan group had become larger with approximately 20 new members. The journalists from the Erkir Media channel shot the reportage about the event, which was broadcasted last Sunday, March 11 in the program “The generation of independence”. The friend-sponsors of our event were: Yerevan Brandy Company, “Noyan” juices company, “Square One” Yerevan Dinner, “Papaya” pastry shop, “Cheers” disco pub, “Kanz” kids’ fashion shop, “Girotti Uomo” men’s fashion shop, American University of Armenia, “Halep” pastry shop, “Palmira” coffee house, “The Club” restaurant.