On July 22, Dr. Donald E. Fuller, an Emeritus Professor of Public Administration at the American University of Armenia, gave a talk for Yerevan YPs on Armenia and European Union relations. Entitled “Armenia and the European Union,” the talk reflected upon Armenia’s desirability for pursuing its present participation in the EU’s European Neighborhood Policy with the intent of evaluating possible future membership in the European Union. The presentation considered Armenia’s present political, economic and social circumstances and advantages and disadvantages of acceding to EU membership. DONALD E. FULLER, Ph.D. is Emeritus Professor of Public Administration at the American University of Armenia. He is also Senior Lecturer at the Anglo-American University in Prague, Czech Republic. Dr. Fuller’s research has concentrated on political and policy analysis in central and eastern Europe. His most recent publications are “Democracy and Democracy Promotion: World Tendencies and Regional Experiences,” in Sergi, B.S. and Batelas, W.T. (eds), (2007), Economic and Political Development Ethics and Beyond, Bratislava: IURA Edition, Spol.s.r.o. and “Policy Implications for Visegrad Four Countries in Potential Policy Spaces Deriving from Demographic Change as a ‘Systemic’ Variable,” presented to the 16th Annual Conference of the Network of Institutes and Schools of Public Administration in Central and Eastern Europe, Bratislava, Slovakia, May 125-17, 2008. The event was organized by Hasmik Khalapyan of the Armenian Representation of AGBU.