On April 10, the AGBU YP Yerevan members, headed by chairman Harutyun Poghossian, CARD Agribusiness Projects Coordinator Anna Karapetian, and RA Nature Protection Ministry representative Vahagn Sargsyan, visited Khachik village of Vayots Dzor region of Armenia to implement Phase 1 of the Pan-YP Environmental project. In the desolate area near the ancient church of the village, which is currently being reconstructed, the AGBU YPs, CARD representatives and the villagers headed by village head Vachik Poghossian, planted 95 seedlings provided by the RA Nature Protection Ministry.

The main goal of the project was to encourage local youth to become more environmentally conscious, take pride in their surroundings and use the Green Haven created with the help of YP Yerevan with financial assistance from over 10 other YP groups as a potential future source of income, to encourage them to remain in their home village. This is of utmost importance as these villages are our outposts which help protect our homeland.

The villagers thanked everyone behind this project expressing hope that such initiatives will be continuous. AGBU YPs, in their turn, promised to be faithful to their policy and determined in implementing their projects. Khachik village, situated several kilometers away from Nakhijevan and considered a village of strategic importance, is totally overlooked by the authorities.

This is Phase One of this project. Phase Two will see benches, gazebos, play areas for children as well as a small area for warm and cold beverages created on a once abandoned and rubbish strewn patch of land.



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