In 2010, a new program was added to the long list of Diaspora youth programs of the Armenian General Benevolent Union (AGBU) carried out worldwide. This city with the biggest Armenian community - Moscow - became the location of the most recent AGBU Summer Intern Program, joining the organization’s successful summer internship programs in New York, Paris and Yerevan. The program offers students of Armenian descent from around the world a once-in-a-lifetime professional experience in a global hub of trade, commerce, diplomacy and innovation.

The first AGBU Moscow Summer Intern Program started on June 26 and lasted until August 31. 8 interns, 20-26 years of age, from five countries of the world, USA, the Netherlands, Brazil, Romania and Canada, spent five weeks in the capital of the Russian Federation carrying out their internships in leading local and international organizations and companies such as “Henderson and Hayas”, “Creditreform-RUS”, “Mediacrat”, Association of Banks of Russia, “Cigarclan”, “Monitor” and “Dilidjan International High School”.

Apart from gaining professional experience the MSIP participants were also offered classes of Russian and Armenian languages and Armenian folk dances. Following a day of work, the interns visited different historical-cultural monuments, got acquainted with the representatives of the Armenian community of Moscow and explored the Armenian character of the city.

The interns were so enthusiastic and impressed by their experience that some of them, Alex from Canada and Marianna from Brazil for example, are planning to continue the cooperation with their companies after the completion of the internship and after their return to their home cities.

As a sign of appreciation and gratitude for their commitment, Anna and Raffi, both from New York, were invited to corporate evenings and business lunches by their employing companies.

The Moscow High School of Economics organized a series of lectures and trainings for the MSIP interns with the participation of representatives of renowned companies such as KPMG and Price Waterhouse Coopers. In addition to local outings, educational seminars and cultural workshops the MSIP participants traveled to St. P

etersburg and visited the famous Hermitage Museum and St. Catherine’s Armenian Apostolic Church. The first AGBU Moscow Summer Internship Program was successfully supervised by MSIP coordinator Angela Sargsyan and MSIP Activities Coordinator Lusine Kerobian.