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It is already the third year that with the initiative of AGBU France a group of young Diaspora Armenians visits Armenia in order to participate in the benevolent projects, as well as to get acquainted with the Armenian history, culture and national values. This year eight young people aged 15-22 were enrolled in the program. Under the leadership of AGBU France Summer Camp Director Hermine Duzian the young people spent about twenty days in homeland, got acquainted with the AGBU projects in Armenia. The main purpose of this AGBU program is to involve Diaspora youth in the benevolent projects implemented in Armenia and to introduce them to the national, cultural, and historical values. The schedule of this year’s visit included participation of the volunteers in the renovation process implemented by AGBU at one of Gyumri educational institutes. With the financial assistance of AGBU London the toilets and the floor underwent capital renovation at Gyumri Special Boarding School No 3. The students were provided with linens. AGBU France Summer camp participants took part in painting of the walls of the school. After a week’s work Diaspora young volunteers and the school staff painted 2/3 of the school walls. The group also participated at the archeological excavations at Vanadzor. From August 15 to 17 under the supervision of archeologists they made research at the hill, which was once a royal residence. Like last year, this year too the participants of the summer camp went to the Republic of Nagorno Karabakh, got acquainted with the history of Artsakh liberation war and AGBU benevolent projects in NKR. Young participants visited Norashen and Pareshen villages reconstructed by AGBU, went to the Norashen kindergarten, clinic and newly constructed school built by AGBU. The group was also hosted in Artsakh families. They went on sightseeing tours in order to get acquainted with the national monuments of Armenia. They also visited Holy See of St. Etchmiadin, Tsitsernakaberd and different museums.