Through the contributions of annual donors and donor-designated endowments since the country's independence in 1991, AGBU has awarded the following grants to organizations and institutions in Armenia.


Holy Etchmiadzin HH Karekin I Religious Education Center

Holy Etchmiadzin Chapel Construction

Holy Etchmiadzin Museum

Vaskenian Theological Seminary


AGBU-YSMU Levon and Claudia Nazarian Radiology Center

St. Nersess Hospital


Armenian State Philharmonic Orchestra

General Sponsor from 1991 to 2011

Armeniaca – program of preservation of Armenian historical monuments


Grant for air conditioning, security and fire-alarm systems

National Gallery of Armenia

Computer and scanning equipment

Opera Performances and Music Festivals

“Anush” opera

“Armenian Legacy” first and second international violin and piano competitions

“Carmen” opera

“Gayaneh” ballet

Theatrical Performances

Donation of camera and computer equipment to Vozniner Theater

Grant to “Gin Game” theatrical performance

Grant to “Khor Virap” theatrical performance

Video film and theatrical production of “Old Man and the Sea”

Sponsorship of “40 days of Musa Dagh” and “All rise, the court is in session”

Performances on the occasion of the 95th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide


National Academy of Sciences

Scientific programs, telecommunications and publications

Scholarships to students involved in the Master's Degree Program in Humanities at the National Academy of Sciences

Computer center

Renovation of the NAS Fundamental Library

Scientific Programs and Conferences

Symposium of cardiac specialists from CIS countries in Nork-Marash Medical Center

Diplomatic training program “Mission of Armenia to the United Nations”

Yerevan State University

Renovation of off-campus guest house for graduate students, lecturers and guests

Renovation of the roof of the YSU main building

State Engineering University

Installation of new heating system


Americans for Artsakh

Training courses for diplomats in the Foreign Ministry of Karabakh Offices

Construction and Renovation

School # 7 on Alex Manoogian St. in Gyumri

Playground of Lord Byron School in Gyumri

Renovation of Gyumri School #3

Irind Village School and Village Head Office of Aragatsotn region

Meghri Kindergarten

Arabkir Institute for Children and Adolescents

Renovation of the RA Foreign Ministry cafeteria and purchase of technical equipment for simultaneous translations for the Ministry

Cooperation with Armenian Social Investment Fund (ASIF)

Achapnyak Health Center

Aram Abrahamian Museum

Armavir Village Community Center

Artik kindergartens #1 and # 2 internal heating system

Charentsavan Cultural Center

Dsegh Village Cultural Center

Gegharkunik Village Road Construction

Goghtanik Village Water Pipeline

Gomk Community Center

Hoktember Village Cultural Center

Irind Village Cultural Center

Isahakyan Memorial House in Yerevan

Lusagyugh Village Water Supply

Lusakunk Village Water Supply

Maralik Town Park improvement

Meghri sewage system renovation

Nor Aintab School #2

Nor Kyank Village Community Center

Norashen Village Heating System

Nubarashen Sports and Cultural Center

Rind Village Cultural Center

Sardarapat Village Community Center

Sers Village Community Center

Tumanian Village Cultural Center

Ujan Kindergarten

Vanadzor Orphanage Facilities

Vanadzor Polyclinic #4

Yeghegnavan Irrigation System

Yelpin Village Cultural Center

Yerevan kindergarten #7

Yerevan School #37

Yerevan School #145

Zolakar Cultural Center

Geghasar School Heating System

Chinar Community Center

Khnkoyan Village Cultural Center

Arutj Village Sports Hall

Qarashen Village Heating System and Windows

Ourtsadzor Village Cultural Center

Getap Village School Sports Hall

Navur Village School Sports Hall

Khnatsakh Village School

Meghri School #1 Sports Hall

Chkhnagh Village School Renovation

Geghanush Village School Renovation

Ptghavan Village Sports Hall

Dilijan School #6

Bnunis Village School

Lanjazat Village Sports Hall

Shahumian Village Health Center

Hnaberd irrigation reservoir reconstruction

Paravaqar Cultural Center overhaul

Yerevan Tigran Petrosyan School heating system installation

Arevashogh Community Center construction

Lor Village Hamo Sahyan Museum renovation

Ashotsk Kindergarten overhaul

Pemzashen Kindergarten renovation

Artsvanist external potable water supply system and reservoir construction

Rind potable water system construction

Hartagyugh Community Center construction

Gladzor Kindergarten renovation

Getap Kindergarten overhaul

Vaghashen Cultural Center renovation

Tsovazart heating system installation

Martuni Music School overhaul

Voskepar Community Center construction

Vazashen Cultural Center overhaul

Voskevan new kindergarten construction

Ashnak School gym and assembly hall overhaul

Ararat Kindergarten reconstruction and heating system installation

Geghamavan Kindergarten overhaul and heating system installation

Voskehat Cultural House renovation and heating system installation

Charentsavan “Hrashq” Kindergarten reconstruction and heating system installation

Verin Karmir Aghbyur Kindergarten construction

Malishka Kindergarten renovation and heating system installation

Goris Axel Bakunts Museum fence renovation and heating system installation

Maralik Rehabilitation Center renovation

Amasia Cultural and Sports Center construction

Dsegh Tumanyan Museum heating system installation

Norashen Kindergarten reconstruction

Teghut Kindergarten construction

Zangakatun Paruyr Sevak Museum Reception and Book Depository construction

Khndzorut Community Center reconstruction

Kirants irrigation system construction

Dzoragyugh Kindergarten renovation

Yeghegnut Village School Gym renovation

Gyumri Pathologic Anatomy Lab construction

Vahagni Village School Gym construction

Humanitarian Assistance

Cows and bags of flour to 30 needy families in the Amasia region

Gyumri Huys Orphanage

Yerevan Mayor's Office

Heating systems for Yerevan schools


“Minas Avetisyan” documentary

“Sharm” video program

Shoghagat Studio


5,000 copies of the guide to the Constitution of Armenia


Sponsorship of the Pan-Armenian games

Sponsorship of the 4th UN Cup Chess festival

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