AGBU YP Yerevan’s Barekamavan Development Project (BDP) is growing. The program, which provides greenhouses to selected families in Barekamavan Village, located in Armenia’s Tavush region, caught the attention and hearts of the worldwide AGBU YP network. Shortly thereafter, it became a pan-YP project. Today, with over 7,000 USD raised, AGBU YP Yerevan continues to implement the program. Barekamavan is less than 2 km from the Azerbaijani border. Currently, five greenhouses have been distributed in Barekamavan. As a result, five families now have a stable source of income and can provide for their families’ daily bread. AGBU YPs provide seeds, seedlings, fertilizers, other agricultural materials and even organize specialized seminars. YPs regularly visit the village, often inviting agricultural specialists with them for consultations with the villagers, as greenhouse cultivation methods are relatively new for the villagers. During a visit to Barekamavan on June 1, YPs were joined by Paul and Isabelle Manouk from Northern Ireland. In 2011, when the project was still being developed, the Armenian communities of Dubai and Dublin were among the first to lend a helping hand. Today, two years after the launch of the program, the Manouk family decided to visit the village to see with their own eyes the results of their endowments. “It’s just wonderful to see the results. In Dublin, people sometimes ask ’what happened to the money we donated?’ This is what happened, people found hope for the future,”said Isabelle Manouk. Life goes on in Barekamavan. People are enjoying the first harvest of the season and treat their visitors to the fruits of their labor. But Barekamavan is only the beginning. Next, YPs plan to focus on Berkaber, a neighboring village, interested in developing greenhouse cultivation. Sahman (Border) NGO, established by AGBU YPs Two Berkaber families currently have accepted experimental greenhouses. Families were selected by YPs, taking into account a number of factors, including needs, number of family members, readiness and ability to commit to the project, and more. The goal of this initiative is to create stable sources of income for the villagers so they can earn a living in their village, thereby not feeling compelled to leave the village and go elsewhere to earn a living. The Barekamavan Development Project is the initiative of 3 repatriates: Gayane Gevorgyan, AGBU YP Yerevan Steering Committee Member, Anna Aghajanian, AGBU YP Yerevan Liaison and George Tabakyan, former AGBU YP UAE Member. Upon hearing about Barekamavan, and following their first visit to this border village less than 2km from the Azerbaijan border, they were determined that something had to be done to help the patriotic, and honest people of Barekamavan, who, despite being faced with the daily threat of Azeri sniper bullets, refuse to leave their village and abandon this strategically important outpost. A seedling of an idea blossomed and took shape with the help of those who believed in the ideas and passion with which they were undertaken. First to lend their support were the Armenian communities of Dublin and Dubai, whose donations were used to build the first two, 100m2 greenhouses. Among the supporters of the initiative were the Armenia Tree Project, Institute for Political and Sociological Consulting (IPSC) and, of course, AGBU. A successful start made the YPs think about developing the initiative into a major project involving the worldwide AGBU YP network for the development of other border villages of Armenia. The initiators hope to find more support among Armenian and Diasporan organizations and individuals to finish what they’ve started and ensure secure borders for our country.

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