Through its support of construction, cultural, educational, medical, social and other projects, the Armenian General Benevolent Union (AGBU) has always supported the development and prosperity of the Nagorno Karabakh Republic (NKR). Today, one of the most important healthcare centers in NKR is the Republican Medical Center of the NKR Ministry of Health, which serves the elderly people of the capital and regions and where the best medical staff of the republic works. To provide better care and service to patients, AGBU Council of Trustees Member Mr. Nazar Nazarian donated an ultrasound machine to the Republican Medical Center in July 2013. This multi-functional machine provides an opportunity for color Doppler, cardiovascular, parathyroid, abdominal, proctologic, gynecological and neonatal tests. At present, about 20 patients benefit from this equipment on a daily basis. Mr. Nazarian’s generous donation is part of AGBU’s program aimed at the development and modernization of the ultrasound research and diagnostics in Armenia and Artsakh. Since 2000, more than 20 ultrasound machines have been donated to various medical centers. In 2010, one of the most modern and unique medial centers in the country - AGBU-YSMU Levon and Claudia Nazarian Radiology Center - opened in Yerevan.

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