In appreciation of the AGBU-AYA Arin Dance Ensemble’s activities and spreading and preserving Armenian national culture, as well as for its considerable contributions to instilling Armenian values in youth abroad, Deputy Minister of RA Ministry of Culture Arthur Poghosyan presented a Certificate of Appreciation to Artistic Director of the ensemble Gayane Matsunyan. Joining her in Yerevan to receive the certificate was Arax Cherchian, sister of Arin Cherchian, whose untimely death in 2011 resulted in the renaming of the dance group. The ceremony was attended by Yerevan's Karin Dance Ensemble Artistic Director Gagik Ginosyan, Head of the Modern Art Department of the RA Ministry of Culture Seyranouhi Geghamyan, and 9 of the 160-member Arin ensemble. Those nine students, some of the best pupils of the AGBU Tarouhi-Hovagimian School in Lebanon, were in their homeland on an annual school visit to Armenia. Deputy Minister of Culture Poghosyan noted that he is familiar with the work of the AGBU-AYA Arin Dance Ensemble and highly appreciates AGBU’s dedication in preserving our national heritage. He congratulated Ms. Matsunyan, greatly valuing her talent and that she spares no efforts to inspire Lebanese-Armenian youth with the Armenian spirit. Ms. Matsunyan thanked the RA Ministry of Culture and promised to remain worthy of the certificate. Gagik Ginosyan, RA Meritorious Artist, who, in cooperation with the Arin Dance Ensemble, has staged Armenian folk dance performances in Lebanon, thanked AGBU-AYA leadership, and in particular, Vigen Cherchian, AGBU-AYA Lebanon Central Committee Chairman, who closely follows the process of developing national and spiritual values in the younger generation of the Diaspora. The AGBU-AYA Arin Dance Ensemble was founded in the 1960s. Despite some interruptions, especially during the Lebanese Civil War, the ensemble was reorganized in 2001 and regularly performs in Lebanon and other countries. Last year, it took part in the Im Hayastan Pan-Armenian Festival in Armenia.


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