In today’s digitalized world, technological innovations are swift and widespread. The annual DigiTec Information and Telecommunication Technologies Exhibition is an essential tool for today’s IT experts and the public at large to keep up with the latest technological advances. DigiTec Expo 2013 took place on October 4-6, at the Computer Research and Development Institute in Yerevan, Armenia. Dozens of companies specializing in IT software and hardware, finance and banking solutions, business process automation, high tech, engineering, multimedia, e-learning, e-governance, and more presented their most recent developments at the expo, creating favorable business conditions for local and international participating companies. The Armenian Virtual College (AVC) and the Armenian Chess Academy showcased the results of their exciting joint project. Through demos, they shared the newly-launched AGBU AVC online chess courses. This new approach in teaching and learning chess was developed through both AVC and the Chess Academy’s sophisticated efforts and solutions in developing the innovative course material. The multimedia means at the base of the program make it accessible to anyone, anywhere, at anytime. Moreover, the online instructor, an Armenian international chess master, guides the students throughout the learning process with the help of online connection augmenting the effectiveness of the service. Enriched with creative quizzes, puzzles and exercises, the teaching material becomes attractive with its friendly interface and accompanying tools. Creative quizzes, puzzles and exercises supplement the teaching material and the friendly interface and other tools to make this an attractive and easy way to learn The King’s Game. On the expo’s opening day, the AVC pavilion was visited by a state delegation headed by RA President Serzh Sargsyan. Founder and President of the Armenian Virtual College Dr. Yervant Zorian and Chess Program Specialist Aghasi Inants demonstrated how easily the program can be used. The interested delegation expressed their delight in this original approach to teaching chess, and remarked that it is an outstanding supplement to the state policy of teaching chess in Armenian grade schools. Later, AVC Administrative Director Anna Yengibaryan gave a comprehensive presentation on AVC’s technology-based activities, mission and new solutions in e-learning. The AVC pavilion was one of the most popular stops, especially for young professionals from a variety of companies, students, children, and even chess players for whom this fresh approach to learning chess was new and stimulating. The three-day event created a nice buzz for AVC’s high-tech solutions in online education, not only in the business world and media, but also among the general public, who went home that day spreading the word to their friends and family about the chess course that could be learned online with AVC. On October 17, the official launching of the AVC chess course took place at AGBU Armenian Virtual College with the participation of Dr. Yervant Zorian, Founder and Director of AVC, Vice-President of the RA Chess Federation Smbat Lputyan, AGBU Central Board Member Vasken Yacoubian, Chairman of the AGBU Egypt District Committee Berdj Terzian, Vice-President/COO of the American University of Armenia Ashot Ghazarian, AGBU Armenia Director Arpi Vartanian and AGBU Armenia Deputy Director Hovik Eordekian.




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