The RA Ministry of Diaspora recently celebrated its 5th anniversary. On that occasion, a number of events took place with the participation of RA President Serzh Sargsyan, RA Diaspora Minister Hranush Hakobyan, government officials, as well as individuals and representatives of partner organizations who have invested in the Ministry’s establishment and the development of Armenia-Diaspora collaboration. “It is our will to serve our Motherland, Republic and people. In addition to other Ministries, the most important responsibility of preserving the Armenian identity is laid on the shoulders of our Ministry. During the last 5 years, we spared no efforts or expense to help create the Ministry. Without the RA President’s determination and attention, the government’s support, as well as the support of the Diaspora - which is the most important thing - the Ministry could not have been created. Thank you, Diaspora,” said Minister Hakobyan. On this 5th anniversary, and for supporting the development of Armenia-Diaspora collaborations, AGBU Central Board Member and AGBU Middle East and Armenia Coordinator Vasken Yacoubian was recognized with a certificate of appreciation from RA Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan. Diaspora Minister Hakobyan presented it during the gala-dinner which took place on October 5. On October 4, during a celebration at the Ministry of Diaspora, former and current Ministry employees and representatives of partner organizations were recognized. For his outstanding contributions to developing Armenia-Diaspora collaboration, as well as for cooperation with the Ministry and supporting the realization of various projects, AGBU Armenian Representation Deputy Director Hovig Eordekian was presented a certificate from Minister Hakobyan.