On October 7, Syrian-Armenian Relief Coordination Center NGO celebrated its 1st anniversary. On this occasion, the NGO hosted a reception attended by RA Minister of Diaspora Hranush Hakobyan, Executive Director of the NGO Lena Halajian, AGBU Central Board Member Vasken Yacoubian, AGBU Armenia Director Arpi Vartanian, UNHCR Representative Christoph Bierwirth, representatives from the Ministry of Diaspora, clergymen, Syrian-Armenians, and others. In her welcoming remarks, Minister Hakobyan noted, “I am very happy to be present in this center today, founded one year ago to coordinate Syrian-Armenians’ issues and present them to state bodies to find solutions. We have implemented more than 30 projects together, ranging from providing financial assistance to distributing clothing. More than 20 statutes have been adopted and are already in practice”. The Minister thanked individuals and organizations for their humanitarian and patriotic activities, as well as for preserving the Armenian identity. She presented a certificate of appreciation to the Syrian-Armenian Relief Coordination Center NGO for its active and impartial work during the past year. She happily noted that Syrian-Armenians have brought to Armenia a new culture and fresh attitudes towards work, responsibility and justice. “We must solve all their problems. Our patriots, have discovered the Motherland, and we have no right to let them become refugees again,” said the Minister. Marking the occasion, congratulatory remarks were offered by representatives from the United Nations, AGBU, clergymen of the Armenian Catholic and Missionary Churches, other guests. The Syrian-Armenian Relief Coordination Center NGO was founded on the initiative of the Ministry of the Diaspora and through AGBU support. Among other things, AGBU has provided office space, covered salaries of the NGO staff, and provided solutions to other technical and logistical issues. The Center continues to operate in the same building as AGBU. Another committee - AGBU Syrian-Armenians Assistance Committee - headed by Aroush Yessayan, closely cooperates with the one-year old NGO.




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